Crypto Challenge

Davos 2014 Crypto Challenge

Welcome to the SOI Davos 2014 Crypto Challenge. During the week you have the chance to solve a total of three cryptographic challenges. Each consists of an encrypted file and the corresponding program used to encrypt it (each in a different programming language). The corresponding encryption key is kept secret. In each case the plaintext was a textfile consisting of a literary work in English (examples can be found on or similar websites). To solve a challenge you simply have to find the author and the title of the respective books. You can tackle the challenges in any order and in teams of up to two people. Please do not colaborate between teams but apart from that there are no rules as to what techniques you can use to attack the challenges. Once you find the solution of one challenge, submit the author and title by email to with the Subject Crypto the challenge number, solution and the names of you and possibly your teammate. There will be some small Crypto-prizes at the end of the camp.

Wall Of Fame - Contestants

Challenge 1: Timon Stampfli & Benjamin Schmid (CH), Daniel Rutschmann (CH)

Challenge 2:

Challenge 3: Daniel Rutschmann (CH)

Wall Of Fame - Leaders and External

Challenge 1: Christian Helch Helbling (CH, Leader), Christian Schneider (CH, EXT), Jonathan & Nir (ISR, Leader), Sebastian Millius (CH, Leader), Kieran Nirkko (CH, Leader)

Challenge 2:

Challenge 3: Christian Helch Helbling (CH, Leader)

Challenge 1

Encrypted File: encrypted_1.txt

Program: challenge_1.cpp

Challenge 2

Encrypted File: encrypted_2.txt

Program: challenge_2.rb

Challenge 3

Encrypted File: encrypted_3.txt